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Chemicals Passed off for Liquor

Yesterday mass poisoning with surrogate liquor was reported in Russia's Tver Region. 39 people had been admitted to the municipal isolation hospital over the period from August 14 to 29, diagnosed as suffering from "toxic lesion of liver with cholestase". One of the patients died.

The regional prosecutor's office has opened a criminal case in connection with the poisoning ("sale of goods, not conforming to the requirements for the safety of consumers' life and health, resulting in an inadvertent death"). An inquiry ascertained that the day before the victims had drunk diluted alcohol-containing products. A chemical used for room disinfection, containing 93 percent of industrial alcohol, had been sold as liquor.

"At present, requisite investigations are being conducted, including the establishment of the points of sale of the surrogate alcohol. Steps are being taken to trace it production and withdraw it from sale", says a press-release of the Russian General Prosecutor's Office.
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