Construction of Burgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline gets a boost / News / News agency Inforos
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Construction of Burgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline gets a boost

The construction of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline designed to supply Russian oil onto the world markets will be speeded up.

During his short working visit to Athens Russian President Vladimir Putin had talks with Greek premier Konstantinos Karamanlis and Bulgarian president Georgi Pyrvanov on issues related to the practical implementation of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline project.

The project was launched by Russia, Greece and Bulgaria in 1994. It envisions transporting petroleum from Black Sea ports to European, American and Asian-Pacific markets through Bulgaria and Greece. Up to now, consultations on the various aspects of the pipeline construction have been going on.

A tripartite Russian-Greek-Bulgarian declaration on cooperation in the field of power engineering was approved after the talks, calling for speeding up the implementation of the project. The parties agreed to set up, by the end of the year, an international designing company and sign an intergovernmental agreement for supporting the construction of the pipeline.

The Russian President urged speeding up the construction of the pipeline. He said the implementation of the project would be an important step on the road to European energy security and would give an additional impetus to the economic development of the continent.
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