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Hugo Chavez reviling George Bush again

Yesterday Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez again poured scorn on George Bush.

This time Chavez called Bush "an alcoholic and a sick man with a whole bunch of complexes".

"Bush knows nothing about politics. He got into it thanks to his daddy", Chavez told a Baptist congregation at a Harlem church in New York.

The day before, the flamboyant Venezuelan leader, addressing the UN General Assembly, had called George Bush "the devil".

"The devil came here yesterday. And the podium I am standing at still smells of sulfur", he had said and had crossed himself.

The words had caused hilarity in the assembly hall. Later, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had called the Venezuelan President's speech "improper for a head of state".

Earlier, Hugo Chavez had likened the US President to Hitler and had called him a "terrorist", "dictator", "imperialist", "coward", "ass" and "liar". Also, Chavez had suggested that Bush be invited to star in an Alfred Hitchcock horror film.
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