Bin-Laden is ill and has relinquished power over "Al-Qaeda" / News / News agency Inforos
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Bin-Laden is ill and has relinquished power over "Al-Qaeda"

Bin-Laden is ill and has relinquished power over "Al-Qaeda"
Ousama bin-Laden is ill and has been losing control of "Al-Qaeda". Because of pains in the spine he has passed control of his criminal organization to his second-in-command, Aiman az-Zawahiri, and son Mohammad, writes ”Frontier Post" newspaper, citing a source amidst "former mojaheds".

The source has said that a Council of 11 top regional leaders, headed by az-Zawahiri, has been set up to run "Al-Qaeda". Terrorist No. 2 is being aided by his son-in-law Abu al-Kama and son Hamza.

The source also said that a video recording would be released soon showing Ousama bin-Laded transferring power over "Al-Qaeda" to his No. 2. The man claims that information of the French press about bin-Laden having died of typhus is not true.

Saturday French media outlets reported that Terrorist No. 1 had died in Pakistan. According to French special services, bin-Laden died of typhus on August 23. For its turn, the French intelligence service had received that information "from reliable sources in Saudi Arabian secret services".

French president Jacques Chirac has already expressed bewilderment as to how journalists had got hold of such a secret document. The president has directed the French minister of defense to look into the incident. Chirac has refused to confirm the information about bin-Laden's death, saying that there is no proof of that.

The Saudi Arabian government has also officially disproved the news. In a special statement, it said that Saudi special services had no information about Ousama bin-Laden's death. Anonymous CIA sources also doubt the reliability of the report, saying that they don't know if Ousama is alive or dead.

A high-ranking White House official said that the US administration does not believe the report to be true.

The "Taliban" movement has also disproved the report of bin-Laden's death.
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