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Russia vs. Georgia: "Ultimatum and War"

A high-ranking officer in the Russian Defense Ministry does not rule out a possibility of Russia breaking off diplomatic relations with Georgia and starting hostilities on territory of that country.

An anonymous source in the ministry believes that yesterday's detention of Russian officers in Tbilisi has to be countered with a severance of diplomatic relations with Georgia. "The only language they understand is force, and it will surely be impossible to come to terms with them in an amicable way. Hence, carrots can be spared, and sticks must be made ready. Our troops are in a perfect position for such an eventuality", said the source.

He added that the detention of Russian officers has exhausted the great country's patience. "I am certain that the leadership of our state will make a correct decision. How long must Russia kowtow to the Georgian leadership, who have somehow got an absurd idea of Russia being weak? Russia is strong as never before, and it has to be proved to Saakashvili, as well as to the whole world", emphasized the general.

"Russian authorities have to react adequately to the Georgian side's actions. Incidentally, that is exactly what our minister Sergei Ivanov said today. But under the circumstances the only adequate measure will be a stiff ultimatum for the release of our officers, and sending troops to Georgia in case of a refusal. Israel did that when only two of its soldiers were taken prisoner. In our case it is several officers who have been put behind bars, and that fact alone calls for a stiff reaction", added the high-ranking Russian officer.

He noted that "a serious political will is needed for that, and most likely we shall have it within the next few days". Saakashvili is running high risks with such onslaughts on our country, said the anonymous source, adding that in case of Russia's armed retaliation, Saakashvili will surely, like Hezballah's leader, Nasrulla, try to later justify himself by saying: "When we arrested them, we did not expect it turning out that way".
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