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Georgia Can Do without Russian Gas

Tbilisi can do without Russian gas, says President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, who, incidentally, has not yet found a replacement for it. “We refuse to buy natural gas from Russia at $230 per thousand square meters, because it is not a market value. We view this price rise as political pressure on Georgia,” he told a press conference in Strasbourg following his speech at Wednesday’s PACE session.

According to him, Georgia is “still willing to cooperate with Russia at various levels.” Saakashvili also said his government was negotiating alternative sources of gas imports, so far to no effect, RIA Novosti reports.

For the record, Georgia’s current agreement with Russia’s Gazprom giant sets the gas price at $110 per thousand sq.m. Starting from 2007, the Russian gas monopoly offered the natural fuel to Georgia for $230. The Georgian government still has around six weeks to decide.
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