Soviet Soldiers’ Remains Can be Laid to Rest in Russia’s Soil / News / News agency Inforos
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Soviet Soldiers’ Remains Can be Laid to Rest in Russia’s Soil

Estonia is pursuing a “very short-sighted and ultra-nationalist” policy ignoring “Nazism problems and modern realities,” President of Russia Vladimir Putin told a sixth news conference for Russian and foreign journalists, Vesti reports.

There are war veterans who live in the Baltic countries, the Russian head of state noted. It would be appropriate to ask their opinion about moving the memorial to Russia. Still, “if they choose to rebury the Soviet soldiers’ remains, we’ll offer Estonian officials to do it in Russia’s territory,” Mr. Putin emphasized.

The memorial in downtown Tallinn known as the Bronze Soldier commemorates Soviet soldiers who died liberating Estonia’s capital in 1944. The monument was erected in 1947 above the common tomb of 12 Soviet soldiers. In mid-1990s, Estonia’s parliament and government started debating the proposal to dismantle the Bronze Soldier or at least to move it outside the city center. The memorial has been repeatedly vandalized. The president of Estonia signed on January 11, 2007, the law that authorized the removal of the monument and reburial of the remains.
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