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Common Information Space within SCO: Problems and Solutions

Regular roundtable meeting to be held in March

On March 21, Moscow’s Central House of Journalists is to host a roundtable meeting “Common Information Space within SCO: Problems and Solutions,” organized by the Public Coordination Council in Support of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The information support of the event is provided by Russia’s InfoRos News Agency, independent electronic review Peacekeeper.Ru, Russkie.Org, an information portal for Russians living abroad, and the Central House of Journalists.

The issues to be discussed include development of information society in the SCO nations, the condition of regional media and their role in the formation of a common information space of the SCO nations. The PCC members and conference participants will see a presentation of the new website, InfoShos.Ru, created this March by the regional public association “InfoCivilization – XXI Century” and InforRos with financial support of the Federal Press and Mass Communications Agency (Rospechat).

The Public Coordination Council supporting SCO was set up in June 2006, upon the initiative of several Russian NGOs. Its members include representatives of “InfoCivilization – XXI Century” public fund, the National and International Security Foundation (NIMB), Russian think-tanks like the Institute of Far East under the Russian Academy of Sciences, Center for Studying Socio-Political Processes in Post-Soviet States under Moscow’s M.V.Lomonosov University (Department of History), the Russian Compatriots Abroad Institute, the Union of Military Chinologists at the Military Institute of Foreign Languages, as well as InfoRos News Agency.

The on-going roundtable discussion “SCO: New-Type International Relations” was launched in June 2006 by a decision of the PCC to look at important issues of SCO development, the possibility of dialog between different cultures, people’s rights and freedoms in the information sphere, and to see how civilian institutions and mass media can help promote the ideas and spirit of Shanghai cooperation.

Heads of public associations, policy-makers, diplomatic corps members, experts, scientists and artists, reporters of profile media are invited to participate.

The Roundtable will take place at the Internet-Hall of the Central House of Journalists, 8a Nikitsky Boulevard, Moscow, at 13-00 on March 21.

Contact phone numbers:

(495) 718-8411, fax (495) 129-2125,

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