Many Hangings Yield No Result in Iraq – Rights Advocates / News / News agency Inforos
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Many Hangings Yield No Result in Iraq – Rights Advocates

Last year, Iraq had the world’s fourth biggest number of death executions, the human rights organization Amnesty International announced. A total of 65 people, including two women, were executed there in 2006. The countries that outran Iraq – China, Pakistan and Iran – have significantly larger populations, pointed out. Rights advocates say that difficulties with ensuring security cannot justify mass executions. As a proof, AI experts point out that the six-fold increase in their number against the previous year has not improved the situation in the country. Iraq is also one of global leaders for the number of death penalties that have been pronounced, but not yet executed, since its occupation by the U.S.-led coalition. A total of 270 death sentences have been delivered since capital punishment in the country was abolished in 2004. Amnesty International also made complaints about Iraq’s judicial system, maintaining that its legal proceedings did not meet international standards, resulting in mass violations of human rights.
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