U.S. Secretary of Defense Comes to Moscow to Defend AMD Plans / News / News agency Inforos
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U.S. Secretary of Defense Comes to Moscow to Defend AMD Plans

U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is expected to arrive in the Russian capital on Monday. The centerpiece of his talks with heads of the Russian military-political structures will be deployment of the U.S. antimissile defense in Poland and the Czech Republic, reported the Vesti 24 TV channel. The Pentagon chief’s visit to Moscow was announced last week by Secretary of the Russian Security Council Igor Ivanov. According to reports in the American mass media, the U.S. administration wants to propose a number of initiatives to Russia on its participation in the European antimissile defense. Washington wants to deploy 10 antimissiles in Poland and to transfer a radar from Marshall Islands to the Czech Republic. The White House says it is necessary to protect its NATO allies from a potential missile strike by the axis of evil countries, first of all, Iran. The Russian authorities oppose to these plans and have promised an “adequate” answer, such as intensifying research of new offensive weapons or even withdrawing from the treaty on medium and short-range missiles.
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