Rally prohibited at Bronze Soldier in Estonia / News / News agency Inforos
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Rally prohibited at Bronze Soldier in Estonia

The Estonian authorities are bringing additional police units to Tallinn before starting digging on Tonismagi Hill. The excavation of the graves of soldiers who died fighting against the Nazi and were buried at the memorial to Tallinn’s Liberators on Tonismagi Hill (the Bronze Soldier) is set to begin on April 25.

On Sunday, members of the Night Watch movement, which is trying to protect the monument, organized a protest against the authorities’ policies titled “For Tolerance and Dialog!” and laid flowers to the Bronze Soldier. The Estonian police, which at first did not object to the flowers being laid, handed the protest’s organizers the ban prohibiting it after the event, the RosBalt news agency reported.

The Estonian defense minister, in his turn, proposed signing an agreement with Russia on protection of wartime burials. Good neighborly and mutually beneficial relations with Russia are very important for Estonia, said Jaak Aaviksso.
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