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Bush Endorses Anti-Iran Conspiracy

U.S. President George W. Bush has secretly endorsed the planned CIA operation to destabilize the Iranian government, reported ABCNews quoting sources with the American secret services.

Experts believe that the plan envisages a propaganda campaign to misinform the Iranian population and manipulations with Iran’s currency and international financial transactions. It seeks to put pressure on Tehran in order to make it suspend its nuclear program and stop supporting Shiite extremists in Iraq.

The CIA worked on the plan for a year; it has been endorsed by the White House and high-ranking representatives of the U.S. intelligence community, a source said. Bush’s approval means that he has decided not to use military force against Iran so far, although this variant was proposed by his circle, notably, by Vice President Dick Cheney, Lenta.ru points out.

The plan does not allow the U.S. secret services to use “lethal” methods in anti-Iranian operations. The document signed by the president will not be published, but it will be distributed between members of the parliamentary intelligence committees and other leading members of the U.S. Congress.
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