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International Community Favors Troops Withdrawal from Iraq

A poll commissioned by the BBC World Service shows that a majority of people in the world want the U.S.-led troops withdrawn from Iraq within a year.

The survey polled 23,193 people in 22 countries.

As many as 39% of respondents said they favored immediate return of soldiers and officers home, with 28% supporting a gradual withdrawal and 23% pointing out that it was necessary to solve security problems before returning home. Moreover, almost 25% of Americans believe that the troops should leave Iraq immediately, while 32% put the resolution of security problems first.

In Russia, about 50% of respondents favor an immediate withdrawal, and only 10% believe that it is too early to leave.

A majority of respondents in 19 countries spoke in favor of a withdrawal, either immediate or gradual.

In Kenya, the Philippines and India, most respondents did not support a withdrawal from Iraq. In India, 36% of people either refused to answer the question or said they “did not know” the answer.

People in Muslim countries are especially active calling for an immediate withdrawal.

This idea was supported by 65% of respondents in Indonesia, 64% in Turkey and 58% in Egypt.

Doug Miller of GlobScan, which had conducted the survey, said the results showed that the global public opinion did not agree with these countries’ leaders, reported the BBC.
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