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CIA Destroyed Interrogation Video Records

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recognized that video records of suspected terrorist interrogations were destroyed in 2005 by the order of the Agency Top Brass.

The CIA does not disclose the details of the records but confirms the fact of their destruction. However, journalists and human right activists suppose that the destroyed videos showed interrogations by torture.

The American intelligence explained the fact of record destruction by the need to protect CIA agents against possible assaults: “The videos could pose serious security risk. Should they become public any time, they may help to identify our colleagues who were involved in the program. In such case, they and their families may become exposed to vengeance of Al-Qaida and its supporters".

The video records were made in 2002 and destroyed in 2005 just when the CIA was blamed for tortures of prisoners and their secret transportation to other countries.

The US Democratic Party already demanded to conduct an independent parliamentary investigation how the records have been made and destroyed.

"The destruction of the records represents full disrespect for the law. In other words, it was an intentional effort to destroy evidence that could be used to bring those CIA agents to responsibility that are guilty of torturing prisoners”, said Jamil Jaffer, an official of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The ACLU for a long time seeks for legal prosecution of those who issued the order to use violent interrogation techniques, and already accused the CIA of intentional evidence destruction, BBC reported.
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