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Bush Will Not Receive Full ABM Defense Money

The American Congressmen approved an act on state defense expenditures in 2008 totaling US$ 696.4 billion. Simultaneously, the Congressmen remained in force a 27-% cut of expenditures requested by George Bush for construction of ABM defense elements in Europe.

Thus, the Pentagon may receive only US$225 million instead of US$310 million as requested by Bush earlier. In so doing, even these funds are decided to be allocated by the Congress not for construction of a radar and interceptor silos in Czechia and Poland but for inspection of facilities for the construction of the ABM defense elements, examination, analysis, planning and designing of the system elements.

The act says that neither of the funds specified thereby could be channeled or spent on acquisitions, area activation, construction, equipment preparation or deployment of long-range ABM defense systems in Europe until and unless the formal consent thereto is received from the government of each of the countries, i.e. Czechia and Poland.

Conciliation board members explained that the Administration requested money for the construction of the ABM defense elements in Czrchia and Poland before the talks with these countries commenced. Therefore the Congressmen decided that “it would be too early to request funds before the talks result in agreements with Poland and Czechia”.

Meanwhile, there was a tide of people discontent in Czechia after the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran was published. The ABM defense in Europe is alleged to protect the Europeans first of all against the Iranian nuclear threat that seems to be a soap bubble as actually confirmed by the Estimate of the US intelligence itself.

The problem of Poland is not still settled finally, because due to the reshuffle in the Polish Cabinet the foreign policy vector of this country may slightly change considering the Russian interests, Vzglyad reported.
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