Gerhard Schroeder: US Policy Towards Russia Is Mistaken / News / News agency Inforos
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Gerhard Schroeder: US Policy Towards Russia Is Mistaken

Speaking in Columbia University, New York, former Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder said that the US policy of containment towards Russia is mistaken.

"It seems to me that the US foreign policy is too focused on maintaining a distance in relationships with Russia. May be, it is a post-effect of the time when there were two hostile blocks opposing each other. But I think that it is a mistake that certain persons of the American political establishment try to pursue so-called policy of containment towards Russia”, Schroeder said.

Gerhard Schroeder believes that a key problem in the relations between the West and Russia is a problem of ABM defense deployment in Eastern Europe: “The current talks between Russia and USA should be intensified, and all objections against this project (deployment of the ABM defense elements in Poland and Czechia) should be taken into consideration”.

Schroeder said that the Washington’s decision to deploy the ABM defense elements in Eastern Europe is politically incorrect.

"It will be very difficult to solve the most important international problems without Russia. It equally relates both to the Middle East problem, and to conflict settlement in Kosovo. Moreover, we need Russian support in solution of such problems as disarmament, nonproliferation and global warming”, the Ex-Chancellor said and noted that Europe and USA should demonstrate in a greater degree their striving for a compromise in their disputes with Russia, RIA Novosti reported.
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