South Korean Troops Left Afghanistan / News / News agency Inforos
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South Korean Troops Left Afghanistan

According to South Korean military sources, the political leaders of Seoul made a decision to withdraw South Korean troops from Afghanistan. On Friday about 200 South Korean servicemen left Afghanistan after a 6-year tour of duty in this country.

The military contingent of South Korean troops in Afghanistan named “Dasan” was air-lifted to Air Base Sonnam near Seoul. During the 6-year period, the Korean troops lost one enlisted man killed in an attack on a military post near American Air Base Bagram on February 27 this year.

In so doing, Seoul failed to fulfill a demand of Washington to extend the mandate of the South Korean troops in the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan lead by the USA.

Instead, South Korea is ready to take part in activities of civil reconstruction groups to provide for further stabilization of the situation in Afghanistan. Seoul is ready to send 30 civil servants, medical specialists and skills training instructors, Vzglyad reported.
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