Japan May Send Its Troops to Afghanistan / News / News agency Inforos
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Japan May Send Its Troops to Afghanistan

The Japanese Government made a decision, according to which the Japanese Self-Defense Forces may take part in a peace-keeping operation in Afghanistan and this step will not conflict with the Constitution of the country.

"Operations of the international coalition in Afghanistan shall not be regarded as an aggression against any state or state-forming structure. In this connection, pursuant to the international law operations of the Self-Defense Forces within the framework of the peace-keeping operation in Afghanistan also shall not be regarded as an aggression , thus they do not conflict with the Japanese Constitution”, local press media report referring to a source in the Parliament.

Earlier the Government took a different stand to claim that participation of the Japanese troops in operations of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) means weapon employment banned by the fundamental law of the country. The drift of the Japanese Government stand with respect to this problem is associated with the fact that today Afghanistan formally has areas free of combat activities, Peacekeeper.Ru reports.
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