Russia to Supply S-300 to Iran / News / News agency Inforos
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Russia to Supply S-300 to Iran

Defense Minister of Iran Mostafa Mohammad Najar claimed that Russia will supply to Iran surface-to-air missile systems “SAM” S-300 pursuant to an earlier signed contract.

In his statement the Minister denied any connection between the SAM agreement and changes in the situation around the Iranian nuclear program and findings of the US Intelligence Estimate on Iran that this country was involved in development of nuclear weapons before Autumn 2003.

Mostafa Mohammad Najar made his statement after the fourth meeting of Russian-Iranian intergovernmental commission on military and technical cooperation held in Tehran last week. At the meeting the Russian and Iranian officials discussed different issues. They reached an agreement on consultations between Russian and Iranian experts on missile systems Tor-M1.

In late 2005, Russia and Iran signed a contract on supply of surface-to-air missile systems Tor-1M. Systems Tor-1M were supplied to Iran by Russia late in this January, RIA Novosti reported.
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