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Gas Conflict with Ukraine Settled

Russia and Ukraine succeeded in settlement of the gas conflict that once again occurred due to the fault of Ukraine. Kiev is ready to pay all debts to Gazprom at the prices of 2007. The debt totals 1.5 billion Dollars.

The parties reached a compromise after the meeting of two presidents V. Putin and V.Yuschenk on February 12. According to Gazprom Chairman Alexey Miller, Gazprom and Naftagaz of Ukraine will establish two new companies on a fifty-fifty basis to supply natural gas to Ukraine. The parties will found a new sales company and new domestic distribution company where Gazprom and Naftagaz will have equal equities.

Earlier Ukrainian Prime Minister Y. Tymoshenko advocated complete removal of intermediaries in the gas deals, and proposed to conclude direct contracts between Gazprom and Naftagaz. The presidents selected another scenario.

As of today, Swiss Company RosUkrEnergo had an exclusive right to import natural gas to Ukraine. 50 per cent of the RosUkrEnergo shares belong to Gazprom, 45 per cent - to businessman Dmitry Firtash, and 5 per cent - to businessman Igor Fursin.
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