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Clouds Piling Up Around Iran Again

As the date of presidential election comes closer, sentiments in the US Administration in favor of drastic measures against Iran become stronger.

Accusations against the Iranian leaders follow one after another. For example, Democratic Senator Lindsey Graham speaking this week in the US Congress claimed that Iran bears responsibility for arms supplies to Iraqi “Mahdi Army” and training its commanders. According to The New York Times, he said that “Iran is a cancer that should be eliminated”. Yet not by military but political means.

Similar appeals are made also by Israel, which is a true ally of the USA in the Middle East. On the eve of the second Day of National Nuclear Power Engineering celebrated in Tehran the Israeli Defense Forces started the largest civil defense exercises in the history of the country. At the meeting of government security agencies Minister of Infrastructure Benjamin Ben-Elizer made an angry statement to the address of the Iranian leaders.

"Any threat of Iranian attack against Israel will result in explosion inside all layers of the Israeli nation”, Ben Elizer warned as reported by Israeli newspaper Haaretz. “Israel will mount a crushing strike in response to a possible aggression against the Jewish state and completely demolish Iran”, he added.

On the initiative of Israel the European Jewish Congress demanded from Slovenia currently chairing the European Union to immediately review “the Iranian file” and impose tough political and economic sanctions on Tehran to force it to abandon further implementation of its nuclear projects.

In response the Iranian political and military leadership once again emphasized the peaceful nature of the Iranian national nuclear energy programme and absence of any plans to develop the weapons of mass destruction.

"We know that Israel is an only country of the region that possesses nuclear weapons, but it denies this fact and blames on Iran for nonentity”, Iranian Chief of General Staff General Hasan Firuzabadi claimed. “Iran possesses enough means of warfare but we will insist on our freedom to implement the peaceful nuclear programme. And no conspiracies of the USA and Israel can stop us”, the General said.

At first sight, the blames and threats to the address of the Iranian leaders are justified. On the Day of National Iranian Nuclear Engineering President of Iran Ahmadinejad confirmed the plans to proceed with construction of chemical uranium enrichment facilities to produce own nuclear fuel for nuclear power plant reactors. He visited a new nuclear enrichment facility near Isfaghan with up-to-date centrifuges that provide for concurrent production of 6000 rods for the nuclear power plant under construction in Bushehr. Russia that is directly involved in the construction and commissioning of this energy facility, complies with the Non-Proliferation Treaty and stands against independent uranium enrichment by Iran. Moscow strictly fulfills its obligations and supplied to Tehran the nuclear fuel required for initial launch of the reactor.

On April 16, the permanent members of the UN Security Council, Germany and European Union are going to discuss the situation around the Iranian nuclear programme in Shanghai (China). The USA and Great Britain occupy the most tough positions, they insist on impositions of political, economic and other sanctions including the use of force against Iran.

On April 8, representatives of the US and North Korean foreign ministries started talks in Singapore. The agenda is kept in secret but American newspapers report that the parties of the talks will not discuss compliance of North Korea with agreements on abandonment of uranium enrichment. On the eve of the visit to Singapore the American party claimed that the talks will be time consuming…

According to the data published in the Arabian press, a key item of the agenda will be “the Iranian file”. The US special services allegedly possess true information that North Korean experts still work at the nuclear facilities in Isfaghan and assisted to Iranian scientists and engineers in nuclear weapon R&D. Therefore at the Singapore talks the USA is going to receive from North Korea a documented evidence of the Iranian efforts in development of nuclear weapon technologies in order to impose tough unilateral sanctions on Iran, and thus justify their imposition in the eyes of the world community, Egyptian “Al Ahram” reports.

By all appearances, clouds are piling up around Iran again. The United States and its allies have a pathological dislike for the only “free of democratic transformations” independent and strong country of this region. Actually its neighbors: Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc. already enjoy main achievements of the world civilizations. Today it is necessary by any means “to implement the Western values in Iran”. And for this purpose all means are admissible, including promises, threats, blames for promotion of terror, etc.

But nobody asks the Iranian people if they need the Western democracy or they want to adhere to its national culture. By the way, much more rich and ancient culture that the American one.
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