Russia to Build New Spaceport by 2015 / News / News agency Inforos
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Russia to Build New Spaceport by 2015

NIA News service: According to Anatoly Perminov, Director, the Federal Space Agency, new spaceport Vostochny in the Amur region will be commissioned by 2015.

Perminov said that the first blastoff of a launcher vehicle from the new spaceport is scheduled for 2015, and the first manned spacecraft launch - for 2018. Simultaneously, under the intergovernmental lease agreement Russia will continue to use the Baikonur spaceport up to 2050.

At the same time, the Director of the Russian Space Agency emphasized that Russia is going to build an on-orbit space assembly plant to assemble space vehicles traveling to the Moon and Mars. The Agency experts proposed an on-orbit manned assembly plant project.

The idea was supported by the state leadership at the session of the Security Council on April 11. The advantages of the project are that the plant will be in position to assemble on the orbit those space vehicles that are too heavy to be launched from the Earth.
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