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Russia to Have Rocket of New Generation

NA RosBalt -- New Russian satellites will incorporate new technological solutions that will make their service life longer. New systems are developed by the Russian military-industrial complex under order the Russian Defense Ministry. According to General Vladimir Popovkin, Commander, the Space Forces, the first new spacecraft will be launched in late 2009. Popovkin also added that new light carrier rocket Angara will be tested in Spaceport Plesetsk in late 2010.

It is well-known that the Missile Warning System includes orbital spacecraft monitoring the missile launches all over the world on the round-the-clock basis, VHF and UHF band radars monitoring the missile flight trajectory and generating data for the command center on the most probable targets of this missile. The data received from the satellite facilitate decision-making to kill the missile or let it fly.

Besides, the space communications and orbital survey help to prepare e-maps with target indication. In turn they are used to plot combat flight routes of high-accuracy weapons by using the GLONASS.

Other military space equipment is also upgraded in line with the Missile Warning System. The Government provides funding of these developments within the State Weapon Programme.
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