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State Duma Supports Arnold Meri

The State Duma adopted an address to the members to Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Parliament of Estonia and World Veterans Federation demanding to halt the trial against 88-old WWII veteran Hero of the Soviet Union Arnold Meri.

In the opinion of the Russian Deputies such trials in the Baltic countries against WWII veterans fighting on the side of the anti-Hitler coalition are political.

RIA Novosti reports quoting to the State Duma Appeal that "the trial is a purely political order to revise the results of WWII and to discredit the efforts of the anti-Hitler coalition to save mankind from the fascist plague”.

"Despite the advanced age of veterans and their serious health problems, law enforcement bodies of these countries have for a long time been conducting biased investigations, ruining their health and shortening their lives”, the Address reads.

The trial against Hero of the Soviet Union Arnold Meri started on May 20. The Estonian authorities charge the veteran with the involvement into the deportation of the Estonians from an island of Hiyumaa as back as early 1949. Meri denies all accusations.
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