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Zhvania: Nobody Poisoned Yuschenko with Dioxin, All Tests Are Fake

Ukrainian MP, one of the “orange” revolution sponsors, former associate of Victor Yuschenko and godfather of his younger son, ex-Emergency Management Minister of Ukraine Davis Zhvania who is under prosecution for illegal receipt of the Ukrainian citizenship, continues his sensational disclosures of Yuschenko family secrets.

Let us recall that earlier he claimed that the wife of the Ukrainian President remained a citizen of the USA even after Victor Yuschenko was elected the President of Ukraine, and their children still remain American citizens.

This time in his interview with the BBC Ukrainian Service David Zhvaniz claimed that nobody poisoned Yuschenko with dioxin, and all test results in this case are fake.

During the presidential election campaign of 2004 Zhvania was a deputy chief of the Yuschenko’s campaign HQ. He was one of the key witnesses in the Yuschenko poisoning case because he attended the notorious dinner of the future Ukrainian President with the Ukrainian Security Service leaders, and allegedly was one of the sponsors of this meeting. Therefore it is assumed that this man knows what he speaks about.

According to Zhvania, Yuschenko suffered a common food-born disease.

"The diagnosis was made on the same day. Avery third man suffers such disease in his life. It is pancreatitis. That day, when Yuschenko approached physicians, all of them made the same diagnosis. I was there. Then they decided that it is necessary to fly to Austria. I was against, as a decision-maker and the closest friend. The point is that the proposed clinic has nothing to do with pancreatitis treatment. It was a cardiological centre”, Zhvania said.

He also pointed out that the condition of Yuschenko was very bad, and his transportation was also not desirable due to the level in intoxication.

According to him, the version of poisoning was proposed not by him but by an official of the Yuschenko campaign HQ.

"The statement was made by Mr. Zinchenko authorized by the HQ. Initially it was a biological or chemical weapon. It doesn’t matter. The focus was on the emotional effect”, Zhvania claimed.

Zhvania said: "As one of the chiefs of the HQ, I was against and said that we will become hostages of the situation if we claim that he was poisoned. I said that it will blow against us, because first of all it will frighten the people who may behave inadequately. Nobody listen to me…”

Explaining his long mum, David Zhvania claimed that he concealed the fake to avoid “disgracing Ukraine” because “it would be a blow to everything I was directly relevant to…” I didn’t want “to blow a fine picture drawn that time in the country”.

Today, in the opinion of Zvania, Yuschenko actually left the “orange” camp, so there is no need to conceal the information further.

Answering the question on Yuschenko’s tests that confirmed that he was poisoned with dioxin, Zhvania said that “all these tests are fake”.

Let us recall that the fact of Yuschenko’s alleged poisoning with dioxin was actively used by his supporters at the presidential election of 2004. The Ukrainian officials repeatedly hinted that Russia as a country producing the dioxin may be privy to the poisoning.
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