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Russian TV Channels Off in Odessa

Olga Kovalenko, Secretary of the Odessa Regional Committee of the Ukrainian Progressive Socialist Party , claimed that all Russian and pro-Russian cable TV channels were cut off today in Odessa and city of Yuzhny. According to her, such Odessa TV channels as ATV, Academy and Channel 31, which are considered pro-Russian were also cut off in the city of Yuzhny. The Regional and Municipal Administrations avoid any comment.

Kovalenko recalled that more than 50 per cent of Odessa residents watch cable TV programs. She said: “However the consumers including me have not been notified on the cut-off. This action is associated with the conduct of Sea-Breeze-2008 in the Odessa Region”. According to Kovalenko, “these (cut-off) channels objectively showed the situation around the exercise. They broadcasted mass riots against the efforts of the present rulers to draw Ukraine into NATO”.

Recently the Ukrainian National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting suspended license of one of the cable TV operators in Donetzk for its refusal to remove Russian TV channels from the line-up. In so doing, no American and European TV channels in the line-up were objected.
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