Deadly Cache of Weapons Seized from Americans in Bishkek / News / News agency Inforos
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Deadly Cache of Weapons Seized from Americans in Bishkek

According to the Ministry of Interior of Kirgizia, the national security service discovered a deadly cache of machineguns, assaults rifles and sniper’s rifles in a US tenants’ house.

A Ministry press-release reads: “During a special operation named Arsenal in a new residential districts, Yntymak, the security officers discovered and seized a deadly cache of weapons in the house owned by a 66-year-old citizen of Kirgizia and rented by US citizens. The cache includes: six optic heavy machineguns and night-vision devices, twenty six 5,56-mm assault rifles, two 12-caliber “Mosvega” Winchesters rifles, four heavy machine gun muzzles, two rifle-attached grenade launchers, four sniper’s rifles with optic sights of khaki color, six 9-mm pistols Beretta and one rifle”.

“Several U.S. Embassy staff members with diplomatic immunity and 10 U.S. military servicemen, reportedly arrived in Bishkek to take part in some law enforcement training were in the house during the seizure. They are being identified now ".

According to the press-release the security officers discovered a large storage of cartridges. “Two knives, 2,920 of 5.56-caliber cartridges,10,556 of 9-caliber cartridges, two boxes of 50-caliber cartridges 350 in each, 478 of 12-caliber cartridges, 1000 marking (tracing) cartridges (of red color), sixty-six empty machinegun magazines, fifty-seven empty Beretta handgun magazines”.

The Bishkek prosecution office launched the investigation. Now it is establishing who exactly owns the seized weapons. "Новые известия".
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