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New Political Crisis in Ukraine

On September 2, factions Block of Julia Timoshenko (BJT) and Party of Regions adopted a number of draft laws restricting the power of the President and simplifying the procedure of impeachment.

In response, pro-President faction Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense claimed that the Parliament witnessed political treason and emergence of a new coalition: BJT + Party of Regions.

Speaker of the Supreme Rada Arseny Yatsenyuk and MPs of faction Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense left the house in protest.

In the s morning on September 3, the BJT distributed a statement that “the Block of Julia Timoshenko accepts no other coalition but the democratic one, and the results of voting on the issues, which are of the top priority for the nation, is not the treason”.

In turn, on Tuesday night pro-President faction Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense at its extraordinary meeting voted for withdrawal from the parliamentary coalition with the BJT. Speaker of the Parliament Arseny Yatsenyuk also voted for the withdrawal.

A representative of the faction said: “This decision was supported by a majority of faction Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense : 39 of 64 MPs attending the meeting”. According to the rules of the Supreme Rada this decision will come into force after 11 days.

Coalition of Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense + BJT in the Parliament of Ukraine was practically incapable because two of its members submitted notices of their withdrawal as far back as this June, and thus de-facto it consisted only of 225 MPs instead of required 226 MPs.

Factions BJT and Party of Regions together have 331 votes. It is more than necessary for the constitutional majority (300 votes) to overcome any veto of the President.
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