Political Analyst: Ukraine May Repeat Fate of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Rzeczpospolita) / News / News agency Inforos
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Political Analyst: Ukraine May Repeat Fate of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Rzeczpospolita)

The events of August 8, 2008 are not less significant than the events of September 1, 1939 when World war II started. Political analyst Valeri Ruban said it at a roundtable conference - Neutral Status As Paradigm of Ukrainian Foreign Policy, which was held yesterday in Kharkov.

"There is a word – “a collapse”. We are witnessing now a collapse of the financial and political system built after WWII. Simultaneously we are witnessing a collapse of the international security system build at the same tome”, the political analyst pointed out.

In his speech he emphasized 5 problems of Ukraine, which are important for analysis the neutral status of the state.

The fist problem is the human resources. “A main resource of Ukraine is its people, who have high skills, intellectual and tolerance abilities. But the people leave Ukraine for Europe and Russia where they are in demand as a high-quality human resource”, he said.

According to the political analyst, “Russia expressly declares that it is ready to accept 5 million people under its State Program for Promotion of Compatriot Return to the Russian Federation”.

"What do you think: where they will go first of all?” Ruban asked the attendees of the roundtable. He stressed that under the aforesaid program “Russia guarantees high wage, dwelling and security. The migrants have no language or mentality problems because these people belong to the same civilization”.

The political analyst believes that “at the current rate of emigration from Ukraine the country population will soon decrease down to 38 million people of them 30 million people will be pensioners. The economy will just break down because it will not have the human resources to work”.

The second problem emphasized by the political analyst is the territory. According to him, Ukraine is a crossing intersection of key world civilizations – Eurasian (Russian), European (Western) and Islamic.

"A question arises what are we going to be? In the time of Kuchma they offered an idea of “Civilization Bridge”. But this civilization bridge failed to be build during 12 years”, Ruban pointed out.

According to him, the national interest of Ukraine should be in accordance with the national interests of other states. “Ukraine is a territory of the most important transport corridors, which potentially may derive great benefits both to its economy and to its politics, but nobody cares about it”, the political analyst said.

The third problem is the Russophobia and anti-Russia policy. Valeri Ruban stressed that “any anti-Russian policy always led its authors to failure; they found themselves in the history dump, while Russia was a winner”.

The fourth problem is a lack of political culture and active politics.

"What the Ukrainian politics will be: active or passive. The President recognizes that Ukraine is a US satellite and Ukrainian leaders are US puppets”, Ruban said.

According to him, “active politics should imply permanent initiatives, and if the leaders are active only when they are advised from Washington, it is not the politics”.

In his speech the political analyst used historical parallels saying that “the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was divided not on the initiative of Russia but of Austria-Hungary and Prussia. We may face the same fate”.

The fifth problem is the borders. According to Ruban, the today’s borders of Ukraine are of an artificial nature, because they were “drawn” by Stalin.

"If we fail to maintain our neutral status, these borders will be cut, and we will repeat the fate of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth”, Valeri Ruban concluded.
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