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Russian President Approved Amendments to Constitution

Amendments to the Russian Constitution relating to changes in office terms of the President and members of the State Duma as well as enhancement of the State Duma’s control functions over the government became effective as from December 31, 2008.

The day before the amendments in the Constitution were approved by President Dmitry Medvedev who initiated the package of amendments when addressing the Federal Assembly on November 5, 2008. The State Duma adopted this law on November 21, and the Council of Federation approved it on November 26. Thereafter the bill was forwarded for approval to legislation assemblies of all Russian regions. All 83 regions approved the amendments. On December 22, the Council of Federation approved the results of voting in the regions and submitted the bill to the President. Thereafter, pursuant to the law the amendments remained appealable in the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation during seven days.

Pursuant to the Amendments the President of the Russian Federation will be elected for six years versus fours as it was earlier. The term of powers of the Lower House is increased from four to five years. The respective amendments have been made in Part 1, Article 81 and part 1, Article 96 of the RF Constitution.

Besides, from the date of the amendments the control functions of the State Duma with respect to the Russian Government are expanded. The Cabinet of Ministers will have to annually report to the Lower House on its work including on the questions raised by the State Duma. These amendments have been made in Part 1, Article 103, and Part 1, Article 114 of the RF Constitution.
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