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Estonian Laws Stopped Speaking Russian

In 2009, the Estonian Ministry of Justice refused to translate national statutory acts into Russian due to deficiency of budgetary funds.

Diana Kymmus, Spokeswoman of the Ministry, noted that the Ministry at the order of the Government translated certain acts by its own means but later they abandoned this practice.

"Today the task of the Ministry of Justice to provide for translation of Estonian statutory acts into English, and international acts from English into Estonian”, said the Ministry Spokeswoman.

At the same time Keit Fomochkin, Director of the Minister’s Bureau for Population Affairs, pointed out that this department repeatedly attracted attention of the Ministry of Justice to the need to translate statutory acts into Russian.

So, about 400,000 Russian-speaking people in Estonia have been deprived from their right to get familiarized themselves with the local statutory acts, their rights and obligations in their native language.
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