Putin: Amendments to Gas Transit Protocol Inadmissible / News / News agency Inforos
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Putin: Amendments to Gas Transit Protocol Inadmissible

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin claimed that any amendments and reservations in the Protocol on gas transit via Ukraine are inadmissible. This statement was made by the Head of the Russian Government in his telephone conversation with European Commission Chairman Jose Manuel Barroso.

A press-release of the Russian Government reads: “Vladimir Putin attracted attention of Barroso to the fact that any amendments to the protocol signed in Moscow by representatives of Russia and the EU, which content is not agreed upon with the Russian side, are inadmissible, and pointed out that the document should be signed by all parties without reservations”.

Vladimir Putin claimed that the provisions of the Ukrainian amendment firstly radically change the essence of the Protocol, and secondly in their major part they nothing to do with the Russian gas transit via the territory of Ukraine to European consumers.

The supplies of the Russian gas to the territory of Ukraine were stopped on January 7, when it became clear that the gas transported to this country fails to reach the European consumers. From the beginning of the year Kiev illegally pumped out the gas supplied to the European consumers and later completely blocked the supplies.
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