Czechia: Yuschenko and Timoshenko Guilty of Gas Crisis / News / News agency Inforos
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Czechia: Yuschenko and Timoshenko Guilty of Gas Crisis

Czech Industry and Trade Minister Martin Rziman currently chairing the European Union believes that the gas crisis has been caused by contradictions between Ukrainian President Victor Yuschenko and Prime Minister Timoshenko.

Answering a question of journalists if the big policy in Ukraine played its role in occurrence of the gas crisis, Rziman said: “Definitely yes. One of the reasons is the standoff of the concerned groups surrounding these two political actors (Yuschenko and Timoshenko)”, he said.

The gas transit via Ukraine was suspended on January 7 when it has become known that the gas supplied to this country fails to reach the European consumers. As from the beginning of this year Kiev illegally pumped out the gas intended for the European consumers and later totally blocked the supplies.
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