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Russia Ready to Supply Gas to Europe

Gazprom Vice-Chairman Alexander Medvedev claimed that on Tuesday at 10:00 Russia will resume gas supplies via the territory of Ukraine. It is known that earlier on January 7, the Russian gas transit was forcedly suspended due to the fault of the Ukrainian side, which has blocked supplies of “the blue fuel” to European consumers.

According to Medvedev, the time of Russian gas arrival to the European consumers depends on the condition of the Ukrainian gas transportation system.

Let us recall that on January 12, the European Commission signed a new revision of the document on monitoring of Russian gas transit via the territory of Ukraine. In turn, the Russian officials signed this document on Saturday and claimed that the Russian gas supplies via Ukraine will be resumed immediately after the International Expert Team start working in the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

The document on monitoring of the natural gas supply via Ukraine envisages immediate commencement of the monitoring procedures. The monitoring will be effected by the International Team consisting of European Commission, Russian Energy Ministry and Ukrainian Fuel and Energy Ministry experts, as well as experts of Gazprom, Ukraine’s Naftogaz and European consumer companies.
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