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Armenia Receiving Russian Gas Again

According to a spokesman of ZAO ArmRosgazprom the supplies of the Russian gas to Armenia via Georgia suspended on January 9 have been resumed.

"The repair works on the gas pipeline have been accomplished, and gas supply was resumed at about 19:00 LT (18:00 Moscow Time)”, said the spokesman.

The Georgian side explained suspension of the Russian gas transit to Armenia by repair works on the gas pipeline.

In turn, Gazprom and ArmRosgazprom offered their help to the Georgian side in the repair to resume the supplies as soon as possible. The Georgian gas transport company replied that it is planning to accomplish the repair by its own means on January 12.

The Press-Center of the Georgian gas transport company confirmed the gas transit to Armenia was resumed. “The supplies have been suspended due to technical problems, i.e. big gas leakage caused by heavy pipe corrosion. The repair workers kept their word and restored the damaged section during five days”, said the Press-Center.

Let us recall ZAO ArmRosgazprom is a monopolist responsible for distribution of the Russian natural gas in Armenia. Its shareholders include OAO Gazprom (75.55 per cent of shares), Armenian Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (20 per cent) and Oil and Gas Company Itera (4.45 per cent).
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