Verkhovna Rada: Yuschenko Falsified His Poisoning / News / News agency Inforos
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Verkhovna Rada: Yuschenko Falsified His Poisoning

According to the Ukrainian mass media’s information, a new political row is being sparked off in the country around the President Yuschenko’s poisoning. They assert in Verkhovna Rada that Viktor Yuschenko falsified his poisoning during running for presidency in 2004 and demand to bring an action.

As is known, an inquiry to this incident is being held by the ad hoc parliamentary commission of inquiry. As of now the commission has already supposedly a sufficient arguments set at its disposal, confirming the fact of the president’s blood tampering. It will be recalled that five years ago, during presidential campaign, then the candidate Viktor Yuschenko felt distress and was placed in one of Austrian hospitals. They said to have found dioxin in his body.

Yuschenko himself asserted that it was the Security Service of Ukraine that was involved in his poisoning. The Security Service of Ukraine strongly dismissed this information.

According to the Rada deputies, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine makes a one-sided investigation, considering the only version. The parliamentary commission ascertained that Yuschenko’s blood samples, where poison was subsequently found, before laboratory research were carried to the USA, where any substance could be added to them.

The Rada deputies also assert that the Ukrainian President’s spouse, Katerina Yuschenko, consulted American special services about questions connected with toxics.
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