Leonid Grach: Yuschenko Has a Serious Russophobia / News / News agency Inforos
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Leonid Grach: Yuschenko Has a Serious Russophobia

As the leader of Crimean communists Leonid Grach said in his interview with the Golos Rossii radio (Voice of Russia), commenting statements of the Ukrainian President during his visit to the USA, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yuschenko has a serious Russophobia.

“Yuschenko has a serious Russophobia. Certainly, he would like B.Obama to clap him on the shoulder, when it is stated there of the Russian threat. V. Yuschenko will deal in abominable Russophobia until the very day of presidential election. But B.Obama today is rather circumspect, and he will not behave so aggressively with respect to Russia, as his predecessor did. Nevertheless, Yuschenko would like to exploit once again the situation when several Americans supported him in 2004, in hope that they will do it now again. All that is sad, but, alas! We are going through such a period it is necessary to suffer,” Grach noted.
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