”The Poor Excuse for a Professor”: Was the Man in Charge of the Holodomor Case in Ukraine an Impostor? / News / News agency Inforos
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”The Poor Excuse for a Professor”: Was the Man in Charge of the Holodomor Case in Ukraine an Impostor?

The Head of Security Service of Ukraine informed that the President of the country Viktor Yuschenko had forced to resign Andrey Kislinsky, Deputy Head of the Security Service.

The decision was made following the results of authentication of Kislinsky’s Diploma of Higher Education by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. It emerged that the official’s diploma is false.

Everything started when late September Gennadiy Moskal, the people's deputy from the Our Ukraine — People's Self-Defense Party, said that the diploma in history Kislinsky had received at Kiev State University is false.

The official’s duplicate diploma fell into the deputy’s hands stating that SBU Deputy Head had become a historian and history teacher on June 30, 2000.

The deputy’s attention was drawn by the fact that in that year at Kiev University historians were graduated not on June 30, but 16.

At Kiev University Moskal was told that there was neither a full time nor a part-time student like this from 1994 to 2000.

This raises the question: how has Andrey Kislinsky risen in his career without higher education so quickly?

It is a reminder that since 2001 he had worked in the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, was Deputy Head of the Secretariat, adviser, aides to the president Yuschenko. This summer he was appointed Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine. Kislinsky got a task to supervise the research and information work and direct the struggle for an “independent national memory”. Because you know it was just Kolinsky, graduating student of the Department of History, in the opinion of Yuschenko, that was considered a “leading specialist in the Holodomor investigation.”

It is noteworthy that it is not the only accusation expressed by Moskal to the address of Andrey Kislinsky. The deputy said more than once that “Mr. Kislinsky already in the early 1990's worked as a souteneur on the Lugansk– Anthracite route.” At the same time Moskal declared that he is ready to furnish with the corresponding documents to prove this fact.

It remains an object of mystery what kind of “historical truth” is that, which the man could fight for, having been himself involved in the past in prostitution and bought a false diploma he was so proud of? Kislinsky’s truth appears to consist in the fact that everything in the world can be bought. The main thing is the availability of money.

So far Kislinsky threatens Moskal with trial and asserts that he has been slandered but for some reason is slow to sue.

What will the “specialist in operation and maintenance of electromechanical and automatic equipment” be doing now, after dismissal? This is exactly Kislinsky’s job title according to the Krasny Luch (Luganskaya oblast) Mining secondary school diploma being so far beyond any doubt? According to him, he… will go to school as a teacher of history. By all appearances Kislinsky finds it necessary to pass his experience to the rising generation. Children do have to learn.
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