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Russia and Ukraine Decided to Correct Gas Agreements

Russia and Ukraine Decided to Correct Gas Agreements
A protocol of Russia-Ukrainian negotiations has been signed in Yalta. Basic directions of cooperation between the two countries have been laid down. These are energetics – particularly atomic one, aircraft building, mechanical engineering, cooperation in the field of space technologies, trade. Gas issue was also discussed at the meeting of both countries Prime Ministers Yulia Tymoshenko promised again stable transit of Russian blue-sky fuel through the territory of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin, in his turn, assured in the fulfillment of all gas agreements by Russia.

“We sincerely expect that all previous agreements will be fulfilled. On our part we guarantee their complete fulfillment. It is desirable to see the New Year in without any disturbances,” he said.

Vladimir Putin told what exactly previous gas agreements Russia and Ukraine decided to correct. He said that this is penalty payment for shortage of gas volumes specified in the contract. Vladimir Putin reminded that Gazprom signs such contracts with all its partners in Europe, but in consideration of special character of relationships between Russia and Ukraine, it was resolved not to apply these sanctions. Russia's Prime Minister said: “I want once again to confirm it in public – sanctions will not be applied.”

Yulia Tymoshenko commented the internal political situation in Ukraine around the gas issue. It will be recalled that the day before the President Yuschenko in his open letter to Dmitry Medvedev had proposed to urgently revise the blue-sky fuel contracts. “Many high-ranking politicians do not like these contracts, because in all the preceding years there was a megacorruption model working in this market. Billions of dollars neither replenished the accounts, nor public companies, but went to resellers that were removed by our government at the beginning of 2009. Many in Ukraine do not like this. They stopped making a lot of money,” she said.

Yulia Tymoshenko also pointed out: “I want to emphasize one again that in 2009 gas prices for Ukraine were among the lowest ones, at which Gazprom sold gas in 2009. Moreover, from January 1, 2010 Ukraine will get for the first time the market price of gas transit to Europe”.
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