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Obama: NATO Progress in Afghanistan Remains Fragile and Reversible

Obama: NATO Progress in Afghanistan Remains Fragile and Reversible
The US President made a speech in which he reaffirmed Washington's plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan in July 2011 and by 2014 to transfer the security in the country to the Afghan government’s full control.

Barack Obama’s speech or rather some excerpts from it, represent only a small part of a comprehensive study prepared by the White House. A larger part of the document is classified as secret and will be available only for a limited number of officials responsible for the Afghan campaign.

In the White House it is believed that today the coalition military forces in Afghanistan do not aim to "create a new nation, or destroy any threat to the Afghan security.” At the same time Obama emphasized that the Alliance and its allies will continue in the following the struggle against al-Qaeda and the Taliban, in spite of the increasing complication due to the fact that extremists are still taking cover in neighboring Pakistan.

In the Obama speech he states that the leaders of the al-Qaeda become weaker. Such a conclusion was the result of the analysis of Washington's new strategy on Afghanistan. "The top leaders of al Qaeda are under such pressure, they have not experienced since 2001, while fleeing from Afghanistan,” the document said. Furthermore, according to the American side, even hiding in neighboring Pakistan, the leaders of the Talibs and the entire al-Qaeda terrorist network no longer feel as comfortable as before.

In this regard Obama particularly noted the progress in the fight against the Taliban in Kandahar and Helmand provinces, which was made possible thanks to an increase in the number of coalition forces in these regions.

Nevertheless, the US President mentioned that the US progress in Afghanistan “remains fragile and reversible” and therefore the Afghan coalition should not stop at what has been accomplished. In particular, to consolidate the success of the military campaign in Afghanistan, the NATO military should continue to prevent the remote areas of the north-west Pakistan from becoming bases of militants.

It is a reminder that currently in Afghanistan there are about 100 thousand American soldiers as part of ISAF multinational force. According to various estimates, from 25 to 30 thousand Taliban fighters are opposed to them.

For its part, the Taliban has already hastened to comment on the report of the American leader. The representative of the Taliban Zabiulla Mujahid said on the day before that Obama was trying to pass the desirable for reality, and denied any kind of military progress of NATO in Afghanistan. In the Taliban it is believed that during the war there has been no stability in Afghanistan. In the end, Taliban leaders considered Obama's speech “a false propaganda".
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