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There Will Be More Georgian Troops in Afghanistan

According to Georgian media, the Georgia Department of Defense has not been kept informed about possible increases in the Georgian contingent participating in the peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.

Data are based on a press release issued by the White House following the meeting between the President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili and US Vice President Joseph Biden the previous day in Rome.

"The Ministry of Defense of Georgia has not been informed yet about the possible increase in the Georgian contingent in Afghanistan," said the head of the Department for Public Affairs of the Defense Ministry of Georgia, Salome Makharadze.

In this press release Biden expressed his gratitude to President Saakashvili "for the new contribution Georgia is making to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and which will make Georgia the largest contributor to the ISAF force among the countries who are not members of NATO."

It will be recalled that the Georgian military have been in Afghanistan as part of the ISAF Mission since 2009. These are one company (175 soldiers and officers), which is located in Kabul in the area of responsibility of France, and one battalion (749 men) in Helmand province, the U.S. area of responsibility.

During this time, the Georgian military in Afghanistan have lost eight men. This year, Corporal George Avaliani and Corporal Valery Verskiani and Sergeant Lavrosi Ivaniadze were killed. All were killed in a mine explosion.

Last October, the Georgian peacekeepers lost four soldiers - Colonel Ramaz Gogiashvili, Sergeant David Tsetskhladze, Corporal George Kolhitashvili and Corporal Nugzar Kalandadze. The First Lieutenant, Company Commander of 31st battalion of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia, Mukhran Shukvani was killed in September 2010
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