Seven CIS Countries Urged not to Distort the Outcome of the Great Patriotic War / News / News agency Inforos
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Seven CIS Countries Urged not to Distort the Outcome of the Great Patriotic War

Seven CIS Countries Urged not to Distort the Outcome of the Great Patriotic War

A joint statement by the delegations of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation and Tajikistan was adopted on July 3, in Geneva, at the 20th session of the UN Council of Human Rights in connection with the anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

“It is our peoples that beared the brunt of nazism, met it with heroic resistance, went through extreme trials, determined the outcome of that war, overwhelmed the enemy and brought freedom to other nations,” reads the statement published today by the Russian MFA.

The document notes that “the symbol of this general victory was the creation of the UN aimed at protecting the peace and security on our planet.” “It was then that the foundation of human rights was laid, aimed at countering man-hating ideologies,” reads the statement.

“But today, we observe the continued cynical attempts by certain political forces to consign the lessons of this terrible war to oblivion, to give a distorted moral and legal assessment of its outcome, to equalize in rights victims and executioners, liberators and aggressors, to question the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal. Like many people around the world, we are deeply concerned about the apparent tendency of these forces to “whitewash” the Nazis and their henchmen, and even declare them heroes,” the document says.

The countries-participants of the Great Patriotic War, believe that “such speculations are an open mockery of the memory of millions of people who died in combats against fascism, who were brutally tortured by Nazis in dungeons, burned and strangled in concentration camps.”

In the document the states urge “not only declaratively declare their commitment to the fight against racial, ethnic and nationalistic crimes, but also take effective measures.” “We consider it necessary to legislate the prosecution of persons accused of such crimes, and in those countries where such a rule already exists - to increase the punishment for such crimes. We find it reasonable to develop and legislate the appropriate institutional and legal frameworks of ensuring the inadmissibility of the Nazi rehabilitation and Nazi criminals and their accomplices glorification,” the document says.

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