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Russia and US gave data about the START

Russia and US gave data about the START

According to the statement commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces (SRF) of the Russian Federation of colonel general Sergey Karakayev, Russia and US provided each other data about Strategic Offensive Arms (SOA) including geographical coordinates of mine launchers of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (IBM).

Karakayev specified that these data are confidential and aren't disclosed. He noted that practice of data exchange about places of a dislocation of the START was entered from the moment of creation of mechanism of mutual checks within arrangements of USSR and US which have come into force on February 5, 2011. "This measure is necessary for organization and effective realization of control mechanism", - the commander of RVSN explained.

Also colonel general Sergey Karakayev declared that creation in Russia new 100-ton IBM first of all is caused by US development of a space echelon of antimissile defense is strenuously conducted.

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