Russian and Norwegian rescuers to work together in the Arctic / News / News agency Inforos
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Russian and Norwegian rescuers to work together in the Arctic

Russian and Norwegian rescuers to work together in the Arctic

Russia and Norway have submitted a joint rescue services coordination project in northern Norway and Arkhangelsk region to render assistance to vessels in distress in the Arctic. The project launch took place in the main department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the region, said the press service of the Arkhangelsk region government.

The Norwegians suggested the Russian side to create a so-called system of “Rescue Without Borders”. First, it will be an international platform through which rescue workers of the two countries will share their experiences, and subsequently it will transform into an international system of rescue stations, helicopter bases and control units in the northern seas.

Today in the Arctic the oil and gas extraction, navigation, and ecotourism are rapidly gaining momentum, so the risk of emergencies is quite big.

The Rescue Without Borders system will make it possible to send rescuers at a distance as close as possible to the people in distress. Assistance will be provided regardless of ethnicity. This is a problem of today especially for the border waters of Russia and Norway.

The main training center to train world-class marine rescuers is planned to be located in Northern Norway. However, head the Agency for Fire Protection and Civil Defence of Arkhangelsk region, Alexander Uvarov stressed: “Russian rescuers’ qualification, as is shown by the experience of cooperation, is not at all below their Norwegian colleagues’ qualification. We have made a proposal to locate a branch of the Center in Arkhangelsk and offered our own methods for training world-class rescuers.”

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