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Natural Disaster Puzzle

Animals teach Man a lesson

The global disaster in South and South-Eastern Asia in which tens of thousands of people lost their lives has produced a puzzling phenomenon. Practically not one large animal perished in the region as a result of the calamity.

This phenomenon is being studied presently by scientists of various countries.

For instance, in Sri Lanka hundreds of wild elephants and leopards left the State wild game park on the eve of the tragedy. Evidently the animals had sensed the danger and made appropriate conclusions.

The gigantic waves had rushed up to two miles inland at the Yala National Park, the largest in Sri Lanka. However, not one single dead animal was ever found.

"The strange thing is we haven't recorded any dead animals", says H.D. Ratnayake, deputy director of the national Wildlife Department in Sri Lanka.

"Not one dead elephant, not even a rabbit or a hare, he added. I think animals can sense disaster. They have a sixth sense, and they know when things are going to happen".

Before the coming of the tsunami, skin divers in the waters of the Indian Ocean heard a strange rumbling sound and saw the fish seeking shelter in the coral reefs.

"The current was a little bit stronger than usual but what was really unusual this time was that the fish, even the big ones, were hiding inside the corals, while the moray eels which usually hide were all rushing out from their holes", wrote Akiko Tada, a woman diver from Japan, in the leading Malaysian daily "Star".
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