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Euromaidan: national protests or political technologists' work?

Europe has already made plans to turn Ukraine into a colony

Euromaidan: national protests or political technologists' work?

At the last moment, when tolerant for everything vicious and immoral Europe has already made plans to turn Ukraine into a colony, all of a sudden Kiev refused to sign an association agreement with the EU. Apparently, this is in our genes - to endure to the last, nod and agree, and only a step away from the precipice to say a firm "No!", dig in and take a defensive perimeter.

"The Association Agreement with the EU" sounds just nice, but if you call a spade a spade the document should be called "the Act of Capitulation of Ukraine to the European Union." And how else could you call the contract allowing, for example, the Court of Germany to take a binding decision for the Ukrainian authorities on the arrest of their president or head of government? Beside the European judicial system supremacy the agreement also provides the transfer of control over the country's industry and economy in the hands of Brussels and further reduction of quotas on agricultural products exports.

The refusal to sign the agreement was followed by large-scale protests. Protesters occupied the city hall in Kiev, House of Trade Unions and the October Palace at the same time breaking down the statue of Lenin and trying to storm the presidential administration. Videos circled through the Internet in which supporters of democratic values and the European choice used Molotov cocktails, valves pieces, clubs, pepper sprays and chains against law enforcement cordons.

Naturally, such a position could not remain without the support of Western politicians who hurried to speak in support of the opposition. At the 20th OSCE Ministerial Council held in Kiev on December 5-6 western diplomats without waiting for the results of the investigation of recent events accused Ukrainian authorities of violent actions against the opposition and demanded to listen "to the voice of the people." Many politicians have even allowed themselves to speak directly at the Maidan igniting the crowd on more aggressive action. Their participation in protests is a demonstrative interference in the affairs of a sovereign state.

To accelerate the process of democratization a "spin doctor" Brian Fink arrived in Ukraine from the United States. According to the Ukrainian deputy Oleg Tsarev, Brian is pushing for a decision on the seizure of ninety building by the opposition and "insists that seizures will take place in the most rigid form, preferably with victims." Officially taking up the post of Head of Strategy Development and Coordination at the United States Agency for International Development, Brian, according to media, advises opposition parties "Fatherland" and "HIT."

In anticipation of opposition protests Taras Kuzio, senior researcher at Johns Hopkins University (USA) and Myron Wasylyk, former U.S. State Department official and CEO of PR-agency "PBN Company" visited Ukraine. As shown by current events, their trips to Ukraine were not lost.

Another "people's revolution" is covered in the right perspective by such professionals as "Reuters" photojournalist Gleb Garanich famous for his staged photographs of the war in Georgia.

Due to such as he, the Western media do not notice armature and incendiary mixtures in the hands of the opposition, do not tell about the hundreds of injured law enforcement officers in Ukrainian hospitals, do not see anything criminal in the demolition of the monument to Lenin led by "Freedom" party deputies Yuri Sirotyuk and Igor Miroshnichenko.

Upon that any law enforcement actions to restore order are heavily criticized and referred to as "the suppression of the people's will and human rights." According to the same double standards mass protests and revolutions that have swept the Arab countries were covered. Without getting control of the country in a democratic way, the West demonstrates its willingness to follow through and unleash a civil war in Ukraine.

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