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"Ukrainian winter" brings extremism

Like a cancer destroying everything around

"Ukrainian winter" brings extremism

The Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The world's attention is focused on the events in Ukraine. Only a lazy politician or public figure or analyst has not commented yet on the chaos that covers the country, hour after hour.

Representatives of the Ukrainian scientific community, members of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine cannot remain indifferent to what is happening and are obliged to give a diverse and independent analysis of the most recent but not the brightest events in the history of our beloved homeland.

Since the appearance of the first man in the world and to this day one of the driving forces in the development of civilization was obviously laziness. Yes, thanks to it you can see everything that has been created by human hands.

However, laziness gave birth to such a thing as division of labor. The essence and the block diagram of this phenomenon has not undergone significant changes since its inception and is a hierarchical pyramid the base of which consists of lower members of the public, and the top is occupied by curators (masters). It is clear that such "pyramids" exist in large quantities.

The main means of payment of pyramid members is money. Unfortunately, even the very wealthy man on a subconscious level is not able to quench the thirst of enrichment. The reason is the fear that even huge amounts of money may not be enough. In view of this fact, it begins to seem to those who stand at the top of a pyramid that they don't have enough money, and they start to stare at the same, but someone else's pyramid. Large pyramids, as you have already understood, are huge holdings, multinational corporations, major political parties, over which there are the largest players - states.

Greed does not spare the political elite and the big players - states. It's enough to glance over the world history. Endless wars and conflicts were the result of a power struggle over the pyramids. A natural selection occurs when a stronger wins. The whole system on a global scale is something like an organism that is constantly growing and evolving.

However, everyone knows that an organism tends to become ill sometimes, and there is one terrible disease which the world body has already suffered, but miraculously cured - it's cancer. So extremism which gradually covers the planet - that is cancer. Extremism is a side effect of wars the major players waged for the spheres of influence in the pyramids.

Extremism emerges unnoticed, and some pyramid owners initially even encourage it. Then it starts conquering one pyramid after another acting as follows.

The first owner intends to seize someone else's pyramid, which as he knows already contains a small amount of extremism cancer cells which are fueled by finances and which start infecting the neighboring cells which are still healthy. The infected cells begin to wreak havoc inside the pyramid; the authority in it becomes unstable. Then the master of the first pyramid captures the second one easily thereby enlarging his own. At the same time the second pyramid in fact does not stop its existence, but it is now under control of the first owner. The work of cancer cells is usually suspended by the new financial injections intended now to pacify the extremists. But the final result can be very different from the expected.

Extremism takes the seized pyramid under its full control which leads to its complete destruction, and ceases to execute commands of its sponsors subsequently destroying them. Radicals destroying one pyramid after another destroy the foundations of civilization.

This simplified scheme is applicable to all events in past, present and future. This disease now affects our country - Ukraine.

Let's see who is who in the current events.

The ruling power represented by President Viktor Yanukovych and his team in the face of some oligarchs appears as a pyramid. There are major foreign players - the U.S., the EU, China, Russia and other interested parties.

Inside Ukraine, there are elements dreaming of taking power – the parties Fatherland ("Batkivshchyna"), Freedom ("Svoboda"), UDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform) and the most interesting Right sector ("Pravy sektor") movement combining the very extremism cancer cells.

Now let's actually have a look at the latest developments in Ukraine.

Russian authorities are satisfied with Yanukovych. In his turn, Yanukovych is in an endless search for money needed to maintain power, but that is always not enough. He turns for help to the European Union which imposes its conditions - a full transition under the EU influence at the expense of relations with Russia and the partial transfer of power to Fatherland and UDAR parties.

The President rushes about, unable to make a choice. The U.S. is trying to take advantage of the uncertainty immediately to organize a complete rupture between Ukraine and Russia and further elimination of Yanukovych from the political arena.

Americans are well aware that there are extremists inside Ukraine, and begin to feed them with money. That is when looting and murders start. Right sector destroys everything in its path. They do not care whom to beat and kill, whether the authorities, opposition or simply peaceful Ukrainians.

Now there is some information online and even videos in which extremists can be seen not only on the Maidan trashing everything.

They come in Ukrainians' houses, rob them, rape them, and, unfortunately, kill them. Yes, in fact they act like cancer cells destroying everything in their path.

Americans do not care; the main thing for them is to remove Yanukovych. The EU is also trying to unfold the situation in its own interests by encouraging loyal opposition Fatherland and UDAR parties.

On the background of the general chaos sown by extremist elements in the face of Right sector, the leaders of pro-European parties seek some concessions from President Yanukovych, but the main purpose of pogroms by radicals is the complete destruction of the institutions of power in the country. This was proved on the Maidan when the leaders of the opposition parties came to the protesters after the negotiations and told them about what they had achieved, but they were booed by the crowd as it was no longer peaceful opposition but extremists that set the tone. They need to eliminate Yanukovych from power - to achieve the goal set by their patrons and sponsors from the State Department and the U.S. intelligence community.

Unfortunately, this is not all. Extremists need blood, murder, robbery and violence.

The situation was similar with Taliban movement. We all remember the opposition between the USSR and the USA. That's when the Americans activated elements of extremism in Afghanistan. And what's in the end? - There was a cancer in the face of al-Qaeda. Don't you feel it similar to Right sector?

So far this organization operates only in Ukraine, but we can already predict what will happen next. In a short time we will see numerous reports of civilian, women and children casualties on television and the internet. The flame erupted in Ukraine will gradually spread to the western neighbors' territories destroying everything around.

Modern medicine has made great strides, but the best way to treat cancer is a surgical removal of the tumor!

Extremism can be caused by the lack of attention to the problem by the authorities, the poverty of those who are at the bottom of pyramids and more. There's only one way to treat the disease, and this is a surgical intervention. There can be no pity!

Americans may think that Ukraine is too far from them, but the cancer comes quietly and kills quickly. We all remember the events of 11 September, when the terrible terrorist attack was carried out by the Taliban and Al Qaeda - extremists reared by U.S. special services.

Ukraine is sick now, but there is still hope to defeat extremism. And we can do it only by ourselves. No assistance should be waited from Europe and overseas. Only problems come mostly from there. It's time to say no to the extremists, it is time to restore order in the country!

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