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Eastern Partnership is a Western trap

What will the EU give to Ukraine?

Eastern Partnership is a Western trap

Today the relations between individuals, entities, states and independent state coalitions are driven by the balance of interests of the players. The European Union also plays a role in this system of relations. There is nothing wrong about the interstate rivalry, if it is fair, open and correspond to historical experience and national pecularities. Unfortunately, we know that this ideal approach is not followed by all of the participants of the historical process.

It is well known that the Russian state wasn't built in a day or on a whim. The Russians had to go along a thorny path before creating a state which became a global power.

The peoples of the post-Soviet states participated directly in the Russian "coming of age". For this, the Russian leadership express their gratitude to them both formally and financially - by lowering the price of vital energy resources, which are scarce in some of the Russia's states-partners.

On the contrary, the Europeans didn't help Russians. They always were keen to grab the ready results without paying the price. History tells us that all the attempts to deprive the Russians of the results of their hard work failed. However, the Europeans learned nothing from their past, and they came up with a new sophisticated way of picking the Russian pocket.

Why would Europe integrate with the states that have a lot of internal problems and why no one offered Russia to participate in this integration? The answer is obvious. The EU is economically developped, but it strongly depends on Russian energy. So the EU is making the post-Soviet states an offer they can't refuse. Than an established pattern emerges - agreements are signed and partner countries are gradually seized by obligations, getting the authorities in a tight corner.

Recent developments in Ukraine provide the best example. To avoid the possible bloodshed Russia lowered the price of gas for Ukraine at a loss. Unfortunately, the Ukranians will have to resell the gas to the EU, according to the conditions of association, which will drive the county into the energy abyss.

Today some of the Ukrainians feel the euphoria of "being one step from the European heaven" and a beneficial gas agreement with Russia. It's a pity that their joy is as false as the bright future promises that the EU gave to other post-Soviet states.

It should be noted that the EU plans to triple the expences on the "Eastern Partnership" program in 2014. Moreover, according to the chairman of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the United States Barack Obama approved additional financial support (457 million dollars) for the partnership.

There's no surprise in it.Thanks to the "Eastern Partnership" EU countries will be able to receive Russian gas while blackmailing their "partners" and making them their puppets.

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