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Ukrainian radicals strive for power

Ukrainian radicals strive for power

The Ukrainian Right Sector radical movement will struggle for power in the country, said the leader of the Kiev branch of the organization, Igor Mazur.

“Our goal is not only the creation of combat detachments. We have not only fight for Ukraine, but Ukraine still needs to be managed, "- said Mazur.

In addition, Mazur acknowledged that while the Right Sector does not have influence sufficient to come to power.

Everything is more or less clear with the power sector, but it is a little problem with the political one - due to lack of information, due to lack of communication with people being respected and influential in the regions. We believe that we should promote our influence, find starting points with the church, intellectuals, retired military, Afghans, Chernobyl victims, students, athletes,” he explained.

The Right Sector activists often act as the opposition’s main assault force during clashes with law enforcement. The movement’s aim is to build a Ukrainian state and national revolution.

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