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45 Crime Barons Jailed

in Russia last year

Acting Head of the Organized Crime and Terror Department in the Russian Interior Ministry, Nikolai Ovchinnikov, told a press conference that in 2004 law enforcement authorities had apprehended 45 so-called "crime barons" in Russia.

Altogether, according to his estimate, there were about 200 "crowned" crime barons currently active in Russia. Most of them operate in the Central Federal Region, and in particular in the Moscow Area, as well as in the South and Urals Federal Regions.

Nikolai Ovchinnikov also said there were about 100 criminal gangs loose in Russia totaling about 4 thousand members.

About 70 criminal structures specialize in economic activities, the rest being involved in general crime. But practically all gangs are striving to expand their economic base and, if possible, legalize themselves.

Another tendency worth mentioning is the trans-nationalization of crime. According to Ovchinnikov, about 40 Russian organized criminal groups have ties with their "colleagues" abroad.
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